How long is the contract duration?

This depends on the contract duration you choose. We offer vehicles with different types of contract terms: Minimum terms and fixed terms.

Minimum terms:
For vehicles with minimum terms, you can drive the vehicle for at least the selected term. At the end of your selected minimum term, the subscription will always renew for another month until you change or cancel the vehicle. If you choose a minimum term of one month, you can cancel or change your subscription every month.

If you decide to increase the minimum term of your subscription to longer than 1 month, you can change or cancel your vehicle accordingly only at the end of this duration.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so online 21 days before the end of your contract duration.

Fixed terms:
A vehicle that you book with a fixed term must be returned to the partner at the end of the term.

Your subscription always starts from the day you hand over the vehicle.