Deviating T&Cs?

It may happen that additional regulations apply to your vehicle. You can find them here. 

1. Running-in regulation 🚨
Since you are receiving a new vehicle, it must still be carefully run in. The running-in regulations are as follows:

From kilometer 1 to 1500, the following applies:

No kick-down is allowed (depressed gas pedal).
No full load operation is permitted
A maximum engine speed of 4500 rpm is permitted.
A maximum speed of 140 km/h is permitted
From kilometer 1500 to 1600, full-load operation is to be increased slowly

2. Workshop appointments 🔧

Compliance with the running-in conditions is read electronically at the workshop.
Furthermore, you are required to visit a certified Mercedes-Benz workshop between mileage 1500 to 1600 to have a rear axle transmission oil change performed. The partner will bear the costs for you.